928 Wanton Way

The elite club he invites me to provides the safety to relinquish my body to pleasure, and not just from him.
But not everyone who enters the room has the same intentions and the men who truly cherish me will have to protect my blind faith, or they may lose me forever.


I’m not usually someone you want around your children. I’m rough. I’m wild. I cuss. And I’ve been in more than my share of trouble.

So when the captain of the police force has this crazy idea that I would be a good mentor for a kid who’s run into trouble, I should tell him to take a hike, most likely with a few expletives.

But when I see the kid’s mom, my world stops. I have to make her mine. Can our instant attraction help her overlook my faults? Will our passion burn bright enough to light our future? It has to because I’m not just in love with her, I want to be the father figure her son needs.

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