Can two workaholics stop long enough to light the fuse on love?


Taking control of my life always came natural to me. My code of ethics didn’t make me popular, but it got me where and what I wanted. Some people said that made me fierce and unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with. But I was also very private, so what most people didn’t see were my insecurities and careful considerations of every move.
As the first female Sales Manager to work under my new boss, I was ready to hold my own. But my first day on the job, I nearly fell prey to his charm.
I hadn’t been saving myself for Mr. Right only to hand the goods over to a player, so I did what any rational woman would do… I collected evidence to file a sexual harassment claim.

I’d dated tons of women, never finding that package deal of a woman who wanted a deep relationship and could keep up with my long work hours. Ironically, that left even more time to work.
My new sales manager was possibly the most brilliant person I’d ever hired. She was also gorgeous, single, and completely uninterested in anything other than getting her job done.
Her intelligence and drive should have made her the perfect woman for me. But the other factor… total focus on work, was a problem. And there was the issue that she seemed rather turned off by my dating history.
In retrospect, the large number may have looked less like I’d been unable to find the woman of my dreams, and more like I dreamed of every woman. How could I convince her that we were meant to be together?

A dirty-sweet, insta-love, short story romance!

Adrian’s Firecracker is part of The Holiday Firecrackers series. Be sure to check out the other stories!