I grew up with money. I also grew up with an insane family that didn’t understand the value of humans over things. The second I was legally old enough to move out, I did. My personal mission to help people kept me happy until my friends set me up on a blind date…with a billionaire. Darnell reminded me of the one type of human connection I’d been missing.

Business meetings meant short stays in different cities, usually with my two adopted brothers. All that travel meant I stayed closer to my family than anyone else. Until my brothers set me up on a date with Kim. I wasn’t sure if it had been intentional to set me up with someone who despised money, or if fate had stepped in. Kim wasn’t charmed by my flash. Would opening my heart to her work?


She wanted someone with a grasp on people, how could this billionaire have any idea what that is? But this blind date was going way different than either had thought.

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