He was the father of a young girl, but she wanted to call him Daddy.


When people made reservations for my small bed and breakfast, they often filled out the special notes section to clarify things like dietary concerns or needing a fenced area for their dog.
Jasper should have left a special note warning me that he was sexy and single. He also should have warned me not to let my mouth hang open when I first saw him. And he definitely should have warned me not to let him rip my heart out on his way through town.
But as long as we followed my single rule everything would be fine.

He also should have warned me he wasn’t good at following rules.

Picking up my daughter for the summer should have been a seamless task. She meant everything to me, and I couldn’t wait to get her home so we could spend valuable time together.
That was Plan A.
Plan B involved the highway being closed, me falling for the owner of the bed and breakfast, and regrouping my entire life just to have a chance for more than one night with her.
But she was operating off of Plan C… enjoy the fling and don’t look back.

Another dirty-sweet, insta-love romance! Plus, this book is part of the DILFs for Father’s Day series. Read on to enjoy the rest of the sexy DILFs and Daddies!