That delivery driver just won’t take the hint. Then she hears of a magical tattoo that her friend says makes guys fall for you. Well it couldn’t hurt, what else can get him to understand she wants the full package.


Everyone knew I had it bad for my UPS guy. I’d fallen for him in our ten-second conversations every time he dropped off a package. And I might have ordered a lot of packages since it was the only way I got to see him.

But that was the problem. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get him to notice me. Maybe he didn’t want to notice me since I was only in college.

Then the unexpected happened. I was rambling on about my obsession, to distract myself from the pain of getting a tattoo, and the tattoo artist said he could give me a magical tattoo that would make the driver fall in love with me.

Was it simply a ploy to trick me into getting another tattoo? I didn’t have anything to lose. Except the truth… Did I really want to force him to love me?



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