Will her Professor ever take notice of her, it seems hopeless. Then she hears of a magical tattoo that makes guys fall in love. Well nothing else has helped him pay attention in class, maybe this will get her the passing score she has been looking for.


Why would a college student majoring in Forensic Accounting take a physics class when she already had her science requirement fulfilled? If that student was me, the reason was simple… the professor, Dr. Levi Smith. Total nerd, glasses and all. Exactly my type of guy.

I’d thought there was a mutual attraction, but the day I showed up to class with my tattoos showing, he shied away. Then he left for Australia on a professor swap. I was sure the two events weren’t related, but it didn’t stop the ache in my chest or the melancholy in my soul.

Then he came back, right before spring break, far before his scheduled return date.

A trip to his office hours was supposed to be my chance to tell him how I felt. Instead, I realized I wasn’t the only female who’d noticed how his rugged features complemented his brilliant mind, creating one hell of a sexy package.

So, when I heard about a magical tattoo that could make him fall in love with me, the decision was simple. He was far too scientific to believe in magic. If I needed a little confidence booster to go for it, why not?

And while he may have been an expert in certain areas, there was one area he wasn’t experienced in… and I was going to get to educate him for once!



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