Executive Desire

She challenges me at every turn. She tests the walls I built around my heart. And she makes me want to be a better man. But can I face my demons? The secret I’ve kept from those closest to me?


Building an empire is easy. Building trust…not so much.
I’ve lived and learned and fought my way up from nothing, gathering a small group of people I trust along the way.
My past taught me to fend for myself, and I do. If I want something, I get it, at any cost. I control my destiny.
Then I set my sights on Rachelia’s company. Carrying out my plan will destroy her, but when I finally meet her in person, emotion and attachment cloud my judgment.
If I plow ahead, I’ll risk hurting the one woman who might be able to put up with me.
Or is she too much like me? Is she playing the game I thought I’d mastered?
I’ve never been able to trust my heart. Will I regret starting now?

Kyra Nyx proves that Happily Ever Afters aren’t reserved for knights in shining armor. Her heroes swagger in, drag you into the gray area, and make you rethink your fairy tale. Follow these interconnected stories and get swept away by heroes who put romance on the edge.
And as always, with Barbra Campbell, you’re guaranteed a Happily Ever After with no cliffhangers and no cheating.

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