Bryce is nervous when his regular massage therapist can’t make it and Nina is scheduled to fill in. He’s never had a female masseuse, nor has he shown anyone else the extent of his burn scars.
Massage is an important part of his recovery and he missed his last appointment. Time to trust another professional. He figures it’s another step toward total healing.
Nina does an even better job than his regular guy and is unfazed by the scars. Bryce takes this as a learning experience that not everyone will be horrified. He’s also taken by her kindness and feels a deeper connection. If he switches to her professionally, can he pursue her personally? Or should he listen to the voice in the back of his head that tells him she’s only nice because that’s her job?
When he runs into Nina at the grocery store, she tries to avoid him but her young son walks up and has questions about Bryce’s messed up hands.
Bryce has to decide if he’ll take her avoidance as a brush-off, or if luck keeps stepping in to steer him the right direction.


He has scars, will she see past them, can he find love and family?

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