Marrying the Mountain Man


I’m old enough to know better, but my heart begs to differ.
People think that when you live in a small town, you know everyone…and they’re right. You know them. You have experiences with them. You have heartbreaks with them…and that’s why I’ve been a single dad…I’ve had more than my share of mistakes that led to heartbreaks.
I’ve never told my daughters about the one that got away. The one BEFORE their mother.
When my daughter turns to her hairdresser instead of me to deal with her last-minute wedding jitters, my heart breaks in a new way. I face two realities…one, I might not be enough for my daughters, and two, the one that got away might be finding her way back.
But other than sneaking off for some fun during the reception, am I really considering opening up my heart again?

These 7 fathers have gone the distance for the ones they love so when it comes time to give their daughters away, they’re also giving away a piece of their hearts.
But wedding season is full of surprises, and ready or not, these dads get a chance to open up their hearts once more for the woman of their dreams.
Who gives these single daddies a curvy sweetie to claim as their own?
We do.


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