It was love at first sight with Max…unfortunately, I was nine and he was fifteen. Basically, I didn’t exist. A lot of time and heartache passed as I came to admit I didn’t stand a chance.

A few years after college, I went back home to a costume party. Dressed to kill in my Mistress of the Dark costume, I was determined to have a good time.

Then I saw Max.

He hadn’t seen me since puberty replaced my gangly tangle of knobby knees and awkwardness with all the right curves. I had his attention, and he didn’t realize who I was, which gave me a fighting chance.

Afraid he’d turn me down if he knew I was his best friend’s little sister, I played up my costume and withheld my name. It seemed like a good idea until he wanted to get together again. Hiding behind my fears, the truth became harder and harder to admit.

The gorgeous beauty in the sexy Halloween costume had my full attention. Something about her seemed familiar, but I was certain I’d remember knowing any woman with those curves.

I played along with her charade until it hit me…she was my best friend’s little sister, only he wasn’t just my best friend anymore, he was my business partner. If I couldn’t stay focused, I might botch our latest business deal. If I told him I was screwing his sister, he might not be able to focus.

I had to get her to come clean about her identity, but I prayed she wasn’t using me to spite her brother.


She had lusted after him for years, little did he know, now this Halloween she was hoping to change that.