Struggling to raise my son after a few poor choices and a nasty divorce, I’d broken down and accepted my parents’ help. They had one condition- I attend church weekly.
Simple enough.
Except no one warned me about the college-aged soprano with the voice of an angel and the body only a devil would create.

Her name was Serenity and she left me feeling anything but calm.

My list of sins paled in comparison to most, but the way I’d caught Eli looking at me on more than one occasion had me wondering exactly what would happen if I added to my short list.
I needed to remember he was several years older, had a kid, and based on his reputation wouldn’t want anything to do with an innocent young woman like me. If only he’d stop showing up at church every Sunday feeding my fantasies.

Another dirty-sweet, insta-love short story!


She had found the man of her dreams, but will society and their judgement of them destroy them or bind their love?

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