She was going for a hike to cool down, but boy did things heat up unexpectedly.


Twisting my ankle on a mountain trail was bad enough. Having a stranger offer to help me just made it embarrassing.
But when he knew my name before I told him… I should have been worried. And where had he come from?
Was I so enamored by the mountain man’s rugged good looks that I would let myself slip into a fantasy world where creepers didn’t exist?

I was doing my best not to interfere with the city slicker who moved onto the other side of the mountain ridge. And my best involved making sure the property line was clearly fenced.
But I couldn’t pretend I didn’t hear her scream. And when I found her sitting in the dirt, I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t whole-heartedly attracted to her.
Was I going to be able to restrain myself long enough to get her to trust me? How would I know when the time was right to profess my love?

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