Waking up in the hospital with no memory is one thing.
Waking up in the hospital with no memory and a huge baby bump is another!


There was only one comforting thing in my life… Dr. Berg. The rest was gone. No memory. No one showing up at the hospital looking for me. No one claiming the baby in my belly was theirs.
With any luck, I’d figure out my name before I had to name the baby.
Each passing day made that questionable.

–Dr. Berg–
Angel was a mystery. No ID. No name other than the one I gave her. No visitors. No daddy for her baby.
Believing that she was sent for me to take care of would mean that I believed in miracles. A bit far-fetched for a doctor. But as every day passed, she worked her way a little further into my heart.
Was it wrong to hope she never recovered her memory, even if that meant not knowing whose baby she was carrying?

A dirty-sweet, insta-love, short story romance!

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