Going to the doctor was not in the plans. But after seeing this doctor he was looking for any excuse to go back.


Taking my brother to the doctor shouldn’t have been intimidating. Anyone who rode wild animals for a living had been in a doctor’s office a time or two.

But most doctors weren’t petite, sexy, women name Daisy. Talking to her was scarier than straddling a horse for the bareback bronc riding event. And no way was I going to embarrass myself by hitting on her in front of either of my brothers. They were both the heartthrobs of the arena, and I’d suffered my share of women using me to get to them. The chances of a driven woman like Daisy being interested in a cowboy had to be pretty slim anyway.

When she sent an after-hours text message asking about my brother, I seized the opportunity. One thing led to another, and I wasn’t the type of guy to kiss and tell, but I didn’t wake up alone.

Saddle up for this dirty-sweet, insta-love, short story romance!



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