Virgin Ride

Sophie had moved to the mountains to escape her family. Could I convince her to move to Valor, to start a new one? One ride is all it takes to change your life forever.


One ride is all it takes to change your life forever.

I’d risen above my past while holding on to exactly two pieces of it: my love of music and my lack of trust in people.
The small, mountain town I’d settled in served as a sanctuary when I wasn’t on the road performing. Its isolation let me focus on the thing that kept me sane, gave me purpose, and provided a paycheck—my viola.
The rest of my needs were met with a stockpile of batteries and a healthy arsenal of fantasies.

Then the Men of Valor rode into town, and I seized an opportunity when I caught one of the leather-clad bikers staring at me. What better outlet to fulfill a fantasy and trade in my V-card with no-strings-attached, no questions, and no icky trust and love complications.

But life wasn’t a piece of music that could be orchestrated. Fate had its own plan, and the single night I let my guard down left me with a decision I shouldn’t make alone. A decision that could bring my carefully crafted world to ruins. A decision that was going to challenge me to trust.

From flying F-18s to cruising on my hog, I’d traded one brotherhood for another, but not exactly by choice. The Men of Valor MC offered me a chance to straighten out my life when it had gone into a tailspin. They helped me get sober. And participating in Club leadership gave me a positive outlet to channel my hunger for control and order.
I’d told myself The Club was all I needed. Anything else risked complicating my life. But deep down I’d always wanted more.

Then I met Sophie.
She was brightness, happiness, and beauty—things that had been absent in my world. Things that filled the void I’d tried to deny.

I caved under the pressure of my loneliness on the single night when I passed through her home town. All she wanted was a fling. No commitments. No pretenses. Exactly what I needed.

But the night with Sophie threatened to strip me of control, disrupt the order of my world, and topple my independence.


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