She can’t get her neighbor to realize she likes him. Then her friend tells her about a tattoo that has special powers. It can’t hurt to try, nothing else seems to be working. Maybe this tattoo will help make him realize the attention she wants.


My huge following on social media might lead someone to think I had a busy social life. That was definitely incorrect.

First, online followers don’t equate to real friends.
Second, while the video content I posted for my cooking business was short, it took hours to plan, prepare, create, record, and edit. Thus, very little free time.
Third, I ran the whole thing myself which meant I lived in a bubble.

Aside from my neighbors, I didn’t interact with many actual people. Quite frankly, that was fine with me.

Except for the guy who lived next door… he was one of the few humans I wanted to interact with. He also worked from home, mostly on his computer, and put in ridiculous hours. But, despite my best efforts to be social, I’d determined he might be more introverted than me. Or he just didn’t like me, but I wasn’t quite ready to jump to that conclusion.

When my other neighbor mentioned a way to make him fall in love, she had my interest. Aside from getting a magical tattoo, all I had to do was get him to eat the celebratory St. Patrick’s Day treats I made. How hard could that be?



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