When my hotel room for the firefighter convention got canceled because of a water leak, I had nowhere to stay. Thankfully my long-time best friend offered to let me stay with him and his daughter. Bianca had been an amazing kid, but I hadn’t seen her in eight years since she’d gone off to college and got a job. Nothing could have prepared me for her irresistibly gorgeous curves.

My dad’s best friend, Sebastian, had been my first crush. Unfortunately, none of my boyfriends lived up to my fantasies about him. When I found out he’d share a hotel room with me and my dad, I prayed he hadn’t aged well. That was one prayer I was glad didn’t come true.
Sebastian was sexier than ever, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to let him turn my fantasies into reality.


She has always wanted him, he didn’t see her that way…. until now!

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